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Episode 36 - The End of the Year Show

December 23rd, 2021

This episode is a real meeting of minds, as Panos Kotzathanasis of Asian Movie Pulse joins James and Andy to chat about the trends and topics of the year, all bizarrely summed up by titles of soul and funk songs (?) Meanwhile easternKicks regulars Niina and Theo share thoughts on their favourite films of the year. 

This episode's handy timecodes   

00:00:44 – Episode introduction
00:02:39 – What's in Santa's hat (don't ask!)
00:03:33 – Smoke.Netflix.Chill
00:18:26 – (Get on the) Partyline 
00:34:55 – Niina on Howling Village
00:37:43 – Sitting in Limbo
00:45:07 – East West Shuffle
00:53:54 – Theme For "Five Fingers Of Death"
01:05:03 – Spice Of Life (Oh Yes, You're the Best)
01:06:21 – Theo on Drive My Car
01:19:56 – Outro

Episode 20: The Gift Guide

December 15th, 2020

The nights have drawn in, and Christmas is but a few sleeps away, so for this episode, Andy and James have put together a list of 12 perfect gifts for the Asian film fan in your life - even if it's just yourself! Meanwhile, our Stephen picks his own list of Christmas wishes! And stay listening, for some very special giveaways!

You can find all the selections with links at, as well as how to enter our giveaway competitions...

This episode's timecodes

00:33 - Episode introduction
01:56 - 1. Parasite soundtrack LP (Sacred Bones)
05:55 - 2. Junji Ito clothing (Crunchyroll)
09:50 - 3. The Untold Story Blu-ray (Unearthed Films)
13:58 - 4. Category III films on Blu-ray (Panorama)
17:08 - 5. Sadako Imperial Stout (Weird Beard Brew)
19:37 - 6. Godzilla 74 Tiki Mug (Mondo)
23:36 - 7. Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films, 1954–1975 (Criterion)
27:32 - 8. Akira 4k Limited Edition set (Manga UK)
30:39 - Stephen's Christmas wish list
34:54 - 9. Screen Anime subscription
37:36 - 10. MUBI subscription
41:39 - 11. Char Siu Kits (Wun's Tea Room & Bar)
43:42 - 12. easternKicks tee shirts (!!!)
45:41 - Outro

Episode 2: A Parasite special

January 24th, 2020

For our second episode, Andrew and James are joined by Tania Hall to discuss Bong Joon-ho's Parasite in detail. Will he get an Oscar? Will the film's phenomenal success thrust Korean cinema into the mainstream? Listen and find out what we think. We also hear from lead star Korean actor Song Kang-ho.

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