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Episode 8: Free(ish) Korean films

May 12th, 2020

With the UK and many parts of the world under lockdown, or just coming out of it, this episode we take a look at South Korean films you can watch for free, or at least 'free-ish', following on from the phenomenal popularity of Parasite. Hangul Celluloid's Paul Quinn joins us to give recommendations from the Korean Film Archive's YouTube channel, while our very own Roxy scours the depths of Netflix, Amazon Prime and finds some gems, despite the bizarre search results! 

This episode's timecodes

00:32 - Introduction
Paul's choices:
03:08 - 1) The Housemaid (1960)
11:26 - 2) Mulberry (1986)
16:37 - 3) Seopyeonje (1993)
22.05 - If it says it's Korean on Prime, what are the chances...?
Roxy's choices:
27.04 - 1) A Girl at My Door (2014)
35.56 - 2) Battleship Island (2017)
47.15 - 3) The Mimic (2017)
57.08 - James' pick from Netflix: Time To Hunt (2020)

Episode 2: A Parasite special

January 24th, 2020

For our second episode, Andrew and James are joined by Tania Hall to discuss Bong Joon-ho's Parasite in detail. Will he get an Oscar? Will the film's phenomenal success thrust Korean cinema into the mainstream? Listen and find out what we think. We also hear from lead star Korean actor Song Kang-ho.

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