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Episode 13: Supersized Kaiju special

August 16th, 2020

Ant Gates and  Phillip O'Connor join us for an appropriately monster-sized discussion to celebrate the Arrow Video release of Gamera: The Complete Collection. We take in the history of Kaiju, while considering the important questions. Like what does Mothra drink? And exactly what is the deal with Godzilla's son? Stephen Palmer tells us more about the original hero in a half shell, and Helen McCarthy, author of many of our favourite books on anime, tells us How she got into easternFlicks

This episode's timecodes

00:00:31 - Episode introduction
00:02:35 - The origins of Kaiju
00:22:27 - Stephen on Gamera
00:29:47 - Godzilla's enduring popularity
00:42:58 - Just what is it with Godzilla's son?
00:47:35 - So who's number 2?
00:56:30 - Non-Japanese Kaiju
01:04:41 - Helen McCarthy: How I got into easternFlicks
01:06:06 - What next for Kaiju films?
01:31:55 - What would they drink?
01:36:15 - Outro

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