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Episode 35 – All Aboard… for Hellbound!

December 7th, 2021

Is this deja vu? A Korean streaming series taking Netflix by storm. No, it's not Squid Game, but Train To Busan director Yeon Sang-ho's Hellbound. James and Andy chat about the series and wonder, will there be another? Meanwhile James has some more easternKicks picks.

This episode's handy timecodes   

00:00:44 - Episode introduction
00:02:28 - Putting Hellbound in context
00:07:52 - A brief synopsis
00:11:29 - How it fits with Yeon's other work
00:22:29 - Just what are the demons?
00:24:12 - Comparison with Yeon original Jiok/The Hell animations
00:29:50 - Ah man, more 'VIPs'? 
00:31:17 - Other throwaway elements (or are they?)
00:33:43 - On the cast (and casting choices)
00:37:05 - Will there be more?
00:46:06 - Other Korean series making waves
00:55:05 - easternKicks picks
01:07:52 - Outro

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